Solutions for Human Resources

Establish clear terms of employment for strong relationships between staff and organisation

Independent and customised

Clear terms of employment contribute to a good relationship between staff and organisation. We can advise on this and, if required, take care of its implementation.

Insurance, allowances, social security contributions and pensions. How do you arrange this with employees? This can be done, for instance, by using a collective agreement as a starting point. Or by drawing up a handbook, setting out rights and obligations.

Years of experience

Thanks to our many years of experience, together we can put together the appropriate package of employment conditions for employees.

Primary benefits, such as pension and health insurance. Secondary employment conditions, such as a lease car. But also tertiary terms of employment, such as a bonus scheme, shares and options.

Independent advice

We are independent when it comes to choosing an occupational health and safety service, insurance companies, pension providers, etc. We can also draw on a wide network of national and international specialists for labour disputes and other arrangements.

For any package of working conditions, you have come to the right place!

We'd love to help!

We will be happy to tell you in person what specific services we can offer you. 

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